Gina K. Designs + Thermoweb Blog Hop = Sparkles

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Sparkly things have come to Gina K. Designs! Everyone needs to play with the new Glitz Glitter Gels because they are absolutely amazing. I love that they are so creamy rather than ‘crunchy’. I have used other glitter paste products in the past that have a very crunchy glitter texture, and this glitter gel is the complete opposite. Another thing I noticed is that it does not dry instantly, which really helps with cleaning the stencils. Overall, amazing product!


Just look at the glitz. 😍


As soon as I saw these flowers, I knew I wanted to make a flower bouquet that looked like it came straight from a farmers market. I honestly don’t know how I made the kraft paper flower holder thing. There was so much folding and cutting, and it finally just appeared.


I started feeling like a photographer with this shot.


Isn’t this so cool and glittery up close? 😀

Okay, moving on.


And once again, I failed to create a card that fits within the boundaries of a normal A-2 envelope. I absolutely love sunflowers, and I think Gina’s Wild Dandelion ink is gorgeous as a sunflower color. Loved using the black glitz gel as the flower tummies.


A lil up close for you. The black glitz gel has such pretty silver flecks in it that reflect the light.


For some reason, when I made this card, I didn’t think about it needing a greeting. Looking at it without a greeting, I just feel like it’s missing something. There’s not much room, but if I were to make the card again, I would put this greeting there. I love the sunshine greetings!

Gina K. is giving away a $50 gift certificate to one lucky winner who comments on all the blog posts for today. The links to each person’s blogs are right below. Also, for anyone interested in getting their own glitsy gels, the links to buying them either at Gina K. Designs or at Therm-O-Web are right below!

Have a great day and happy crafting!

Emily ❤️

Gina K.

Arjita Singh

Cathy Tidwell

Donna Idlet

Emily Loggans

Karen Hightower

Lisa Hetrick

Mindy Eggen

Rema DeLeeuw

Susie Moore

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