Hi! My name is Emily Loggans, and I am newly married to my wonderful husband, Stephen (who loves crafting with me!). I am in love with paper and ink. Growing up in a family printing business made my love inevitable, and I can’t believe I get to have an amazing job that puts me right in the world of paper and ink. I manage the wholesale department for Gina K. Designs and work in her darling retail store, Village Paper & Ink, in Greendale, WI. I have recently begun designing stamp sets for Gina K., which has opened up a whole new world of card making and lettering for me.

I have been a hand letterer for about three years. In January 2016, I happened to come across an artist using a paintbrush to write letters in a modern, brush lettered style. I was mind blown and instantly ordered every lettering tool I could find. This hobby quickly became my obsession (I literally have fifty of the exact same black pen in a drawer right now…). Penmanship was one of my favorite subjects in school as a kid, and I must admit, I was more than a little vain about my cursive. When I was much younger, I wanted to learn calligraphy the ‘old-fashioned’ way with a pointed pen and ink pot. My mom never let me do it- her reason being that I would spill ink everywhere and make a mess of her house. (Okay, maybe that was logical reasoning since my experience with stamping as a kid involved me cleaning rubber stamps on her carpet… But, hey! The carpet looked dark enough.)

I am beyond thrilled to be able to combine these two amazing hobbies on this blog. I hope you love it too!